A Word From Our Sponsor

Most of my previous posts have been fairly carefully worded statements of my thoughts on some topic hopefully of interest to those in IT leadership.

This time I will depart from that past practice and tell you a bit about the IT Management consulting firm that Tim Tyler and I co-founded in 1987 and that I still lead.

It’s original name was “The Systems Consulting Consortium, Inc.” which evolved over the years to today’s form “SCC Sequoia” which is normally paired with the related phrase “Solutions that Endure.”

Here is an up-to-date description of the firm:

SCC Sequoia is a consortium of ten individuals, each having both deep experience and critical expertise in some aspect of designing, building, managing, and governing information technology environments (hardware, platforms, ops, apps, security, and networking/telecom). For thirty years, SCC Sequoia has:

  • listened carefully to the needs of over 200 firms,
  • assigned the SCC members who have the right experience and expertise, and
  • crafted effective, enduring solutions for the challenges we discovered.

Each of us is actively engaged in the segment of the industry in which we have expertise, and each of us is regularly asked to participate in roundtable discussions, industry conferences, and academic analyses. This ensures that, collectively, we are a source of both long history in the development of IT capacity and current awareness of the latest opportunities and risks. Our clients recognize that the effectiveness and efficiency of their infrastructures – while critical to their success – are not their core competency. They come to us because they value our combination of experience and currency.

I am truly honored to have had the privilege of leading SCC for now well over a quarter-century. I remain a bit amazed at the quality of our team and their extraordinary track record of over six-hundred successful projects … strong evidence that using an “A-team” is generally a pretty good idea.