(1) Announcing the winner of the 2015 Fisher-Hopper Prize, (2) Status of my long-projected book

Friends –

Two things of some importance:

  • FIRST – As the chair of the Candidate Selection Committee and as the counter of the votes from the fourteen Renaissance CIOs, I am pleased to announce the winner of the 2015 FISHER-HOPPER PRIZE FOR LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT IN CIO LEADERSHIP.  The winner is Rebecca Rhoads, the CIO of Raytheon.  The prize will be presented as the concluding part of an all day invitation-only event to be held at UC-Berkeley on Thursday, Sept. 17, 2015.  For full details, please visit the event website at http://businessinnovation.berkeley.edu/fisher-cio-leadership-program/2015-landmark-cio-fisher-hopper-prize/
  • SECOND – My long-projected book, “Becoming a Renaissance CIO: Leadership Skills for Successful Innovation in the Digital Age”, has been completed (242 pages, 54,247 words) and is being considered by a potential publisher.  I estimate that well over thirty “Top Tier” CIOs and globally respected IT gurus actively helped me with this – and to them I owe a huge vote of thanks.  If all goes well, hard copies might become available by late October.

I hope you all had an enjoyable 4th of July.


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