Yet another Inflection Point?

Are we really at another IT Inflection Point? If so, is it the 5th or the 12th or ??? For that matter, what is an “Inflection Point?” Let’s agree that an “Inflection Point” occurs when something of a technical nature leads – in a short period of time – to strikingly new business challenges and opportunities.

If we accept that definition and if we look around us and see [1] – the internet of things, [2] – the Cloud, [3] – “Mobile”, [4] – Big Data (and all that surrounds it), and [5] – “Identity” and the various challenges to that ill-defined word … if we consider that these five things are all happening at the same time, then we do seem to have a rather considerable Inflection Point.

What will this Inflection Point” lead to? FIRST – those companies (in virtually all industries) that seize the opportunities this presents … will survive and thrive; those that don’t, won’t … and the latter will happen pretty darn fast. SECOND – the role of the CIO in the “survive & thrive” companies will become increasingly important, so much so that many such CIOs will move upward to become CEOs.

The above thoughts are based on a lunch conversation yesterday at the infamous “Lion & Compass” restaurant in deepest Silicon Valley. My lunch partner was the CIO of a large, prominent Silicon Valley. It was she that listed the five elements that I have described above … and I think she pretty well hit the nail on the head.

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