Getting tired re THE ROLE OF THE CIO

I am getting tired with the endless whining regarding the evolving, changing, diminishing, growing (you name it) role of the CIO. Let’s all agree that the “I” in “CIO” changes with the phases of the moon and the mood of the CEO. Here’s a list to chew on:

TRADITIONAL: Information, Infrastructure, Integration, Intelligence, Innovation (my favorite)

NEW: Impact, Inspiration, Interaction (?)

HUMOROUS: Irritation (often appropriate)

I think there are simply two different species of CIOs: the 95% who see their job as one of providing a reliable and inexpensive service and the 5% who see their job as one of providing enduring competitive advantage.  There is absolutely nothing wrong or negative about being part of the 95% so let’s stops blathering about becoming strategic, transformative, innovative, etc.  Most CEOs simply what a quiet, peaceful, friendly little IT group (one that doesn’t keep them awake at night). Yes, that’s obviously not the way to “Business Transformation Through Technology” (my hot button) but that’s just the way it is …


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